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Mobile Command Center - Battle Tested & Approved.

The BIG Leagues

Companies invest millions into mobile TV production trailers with a ton of fancy equipment. This "command-center" is the hub for all the behind-the-scenes action. Several people carrying out very specific tasks with very specific hardware. 

So what happens when you're doing it as a one-person-band for a MUCH smaller budget? Easy: chaos! Let's just say, there's a lot going on to make a live stream all work - especially shows with multiple hosts and guests. Graphics, Intros, Lower thirds, music, multiple cameras, multiple audio sources, lighting, focus, internet connectivity,  on and on and on! 

The best way I've found to overcome the craziness is – minimization and organization. The structure overall lessens stress and enables success. What does that look like? Check out this video for a much clearer breakdown and explanation. 

The Gear: 

  1. Switcher - iPad Pro 12.9 Cell+Wifi
  2. Triod 
  3. iPad Mount 
  4. Zoom H6 
  5. Google Wifi 
  6. G-Wifi Power Cabl
  7. Battery 
  8. Hotspot - Netgear MR1100
  9. Mounting Clamp 
  10. Cold Shoe Mount 
  11. Gear Travel Bag

What's not listed here? Microphones - We're going to cover that in much more detail next week. Trust me, it's worth the wait. 

As always - Hit me up with any questions and good luck out there!