Command Center 8.0


Command Center 8.0

Live Streaming to the next level.

Interested in live streaming? Already have a business embracing social media? CC 8.0 will change everything for your streams. So – what does that actually mean? By then end of this article, you’ll be completely caught up to speed with what I have learned for building a trifecta of efficiency, portability and quality over a period of 2.5 years of live streaming for clients all over the U.S. Buckle up!

The crew came in with small back packs and within a few minutes we were filming. Unbelievable efficiency!
— Dr. Jill Wade

What is the Command Center?

It wasn’t long ago that video production equipment filled entire rooms or tables. The teams at Apple and Switcher Studio revolutionized the media world when they pushed for using iPhones as video cameras.

Coming from the world of high-end video production, using an iPhone had many pro’s with a short list of cons.

CC 8.0 contains the best of the best equipment that exists and while does mean it comes with a heftier price tag, let me be 100% clear and say that it is well worth it in every way. Without further ado:

The Grocery List:







So that’s it, everything! What do I want in return for spilling the beans on all this? A comment or share would be nice, but really, I just want you to level up and start making better live streams and enabling others around the world to start sharing their stories. It doesn’t take a $20k budget for a commercial or live stream. There’s a much better and smarter way and that’s with iPhones, Switcher Studio and Command Center 8.0 Cheers!

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