Command Center 7.0

The live streaming game has changed in a big way with CC 7.0! This new build changes everything for 3 main crucial points: Configuration Speed, Efficiency and Quality. Let’s dig in.

Configuration Speed

With each new iteration of the live streaming command center improves upon the previous version for setup time and CC 5.0 proved that it was possible to setup a full production in less than 10 minutes. Is this new setup faster? Yes, though the real value is how much easier the equipment goes from a stored position to ready to shoot.


A perfect segway from config speed - let’s make your daily life much easier for your live stream productions. What’s in the new kit?

  • 5 light / camera stands

  • 4 lights

  • 5 microphones (4 wireless lavs + 1 wireless handheld)

  • 2 Hotspots

  • Audio Mixer

  • Wireless Video System

  • 2 Cameras

  • 3 Camera Lenses

  • All Day Batteries for all devices

  • Support Equipment + Cables

At a minimum, this will cover most anything you encounter in the field – and it all fits within 1 small airplane carry-on case.

What about accessories for all the cool stuff above? That goes in a backpack for an as needed basis:

  • Soft boxes

  • Gimbals

  • Sliders

  • Tape

  • Extra cameras

  • Extra batteries

  • Laptop


Using all of the made for iPhone (MFI) bite-sized equipment doesn’t mean that your production won’t look professional. Everything mentioned in this article passes my brutal testing over a several month period of daily use. With that, don’t expect these items to be cheap, but know that this kit isn’t a temporary band-aid solution, but one you can promise your clients quality on a consistent basis.


The Grocery List:

This is what you've been waiting for. Everything I use (with links). Have fun and drop a comment for any questions. Thanks for reading!