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Live Streaming Command Center 3.0


Live streaming itself is still really new and there are a ton of services that enable some really awesome goodies. So which one is the best? That’s easy - all of them! Yes you read that correctly. I’m a big fan of all of them. Think of it this way - they all enable new possibilities that until recently, weren’t available without spending loads of cash. My favorite you ask? Switcher Studio! 

Switcher Studio, like the rest enable you to make your live streams look more professional. But where it really shines? It enables the device in your pocket to be used as a Ultra-HD camera, in fact many of them- up to 9!  This new capability greatly reduces the entry price for great quality streams, creating an entire new market for personal and professional use. Think about it for a minute — I use this service to greatly cut overhead from using very expensive cameras and supporting equipment, and use my knowledge and know-how with iPhone and iPads to bring great quality to businesses that can’t afford a $1,000 price for the most basic videos. Enabling the little guys/gals to promote themselves — and everybody wins with that! 

Even with this more compact setup, there’s still a ton that goes into it. Cameras, networking, internet connectivity, audio mixer, microphones, batteries and so much more. In the early days, it would take 60-90 minutes to set everything up for a stream...! That is normal with all the big/normal equipment for the pro-world, however, clients tend to frown when you’re using iPhones— they just don’t get it.  

It was a MAJOR problem! So I got to work to find a way to get everything in a central, slim, portable and instant setup. The Command Center was born! Though getting out in the field and working with the 1st gen, created some new issues. So back to the drawling board... again and again. 

CC 3.0 is a compilation of many solved problems faced in studio and the rest of the real world. Here’s just a few things it enables:

  • Everything Centeralized
  • Big iPad (Switcher) 
  • Multiple internet sources (3)
  • Expandable / Stable networking
  • Digital Mixer/Recorder  
  • Mount for multiple wireless mics
  • All battery opterated  
  • Expandable! 

So how do you assemble yours? Here’s the breakdown of all the gear shown:

  1. Switcher - iPad Pro 12.9 Cell+Wifi
  2. Triod 
  3. iPad Mount 
  4. Zoom H6 
  5. Google Wifi 
  6. G-Wifi Power Cable
  7. Battery 
  8. Hotspot - Netgear MR1100
  9. Mounting Clamp 
  10. Cold Shoe Mount 
  11. Gear Travel Bag
  12. Magnetic Clip Mount
  13. Powered USB Hub
  14. 1' Ethernet Cables
  15. 1' USB A -> C Cables
  16. Google Wifi Mount
  17. XLR Converter (Rode Mic)
  18. Rode Filmmaker Kit - Lav
  19. Hotspot Antennas
  20. Apple USB to Ethernet
  21. Apple USB 3 Camera to Lightning