Steadi Writeups to Help You Get Better

My goal = We All Win. What is a world like that to live in? No strings attached. Read, learn, do. Get out there and be better!

big Quality — SMALL budget


That's the goal, right? 

So you’re interested in the goods? The knowledge on what to buy to do it yourself. I’ll share it with you. You’re a good person. 

So here's my setup for this live stream. There's so so so much more that we'll cover soon!

My Setup:

Switcher:   iPad Pro 9.7 128gb 

Cameras:  iPhone 7+ 256gb, iPhone 6s+ 64gb, iPad 9.7 128gb

Sennheiser Ew-100 G3 x 5

Sound:  iRig Duo Pro, Rode Filmmaker Pro Lav KitLOOP MIXER - Portable Audio Mixer, TRS to TRRS Adaptor, Much much more!


Internet connection:  Apple USB 3 Camera Adaptor x 4, Apple USB to Ethernet x4, Anker USB Hub x2, USB to Audio x2, Netgear MR1100 Hotspot, Hotspot Antennas x2, Speedify VPN

Supporting:  Osmo Mobile

Tips listed here were shown on Live with Steadi show on Nov 19,2017. For more useful stuff like this, tune in every Sunday at 9pm EST.

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